The Basics of Domestic Violence:

Domestic violence is a growing epidemic in the United States, and it is treated as a serious crime. Sadly, millions of men and women suffer from domestic violence every day. In fact, it serves as one of the most common reasons for divorce. One of the most dangerous times in an abused person’s life is when he or she takes a step towards divorce, as this usually enrages the abuser further.

Since domestic violence is massively underreported, it is difficult for victims to come forward and accuse their abuser. When leaving an abusive relationship, it is essential for victims to arm themselves with as much support as possible, as well as a backup plan for where to live and how to survive without the financial backing of their abuser.

If convicted, the abuser will face several serious consequences, including probation, jail time, fines, possible deportation, a loss of gun rights, etc.

Obtaining a Restraining Order

If you want to ensure you are lawfully protected against your abuser, our Beverly Hills family lawyers of Cary Goldstein, Esq., PC can help obtain a restraining order to fit your needs. We will investigate your claims, compile evidence, and speak on your behalf in both civil and criminal courts. If you fear imminent harm, or have suffered physical or emotional abuse, you can qualify for protection in the state of California.

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