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Asset division is an important aspect of a divorce or separation. It is also an issue to address when drafting a cohabitation agreement or prenuptial agreement. With the division of assets, one is looking at how physical property, money, investment accounts, businesses, and all other valuables may be divided should a marriage or relationship end. As a Beverly Hills divorce attorney, Cary W. Goldstein is intimately familiar with asset division as it applies to a full range of family law matters. He has nearly four decades of legal experience and can adeptly negotiate or litigate to seek the best outcome for his clients.

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Palimony & Asset Division

Asset division may arise in a divorce as well as the end of a relationship where two people were unmarried but living together. In these palimony cases when no cohabitation agreement exists, the division of assets may be decided based on written or verbal agreements. This can be complex and may leave asset division open to some interpretation. This is when it is all the more important to have an aggressive, experienced Beverly Hills palimony lawyer by your side.

In California, the following may be considered property to be divided among spouses or cohabitants in the event of a divorce or separation:

  • Real estate (residential or commercial properties)
  • Motor vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.)
  • Boats or recreational vehicles
  • Furniture
  • Art
  • Clothing
  • Bank accounts
  • Cash
  • Security deposits on apartments
  • Pension and 401(k) plans
  • Stocks
  • Life insurance policies with cash values
  • Businesses
  • Patents
  • All other physical property or items of value

The manner in which such property was acquired as well as when it was acquired may influence how the court may divide assets. Verbal agreements, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, and cohabitation agreements may also dictate the division of assets in California.

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