• Hard work and dedication.
    I truly appreciate all of you hard work and dedication to this case. Thank you so much for everything.

    - Candice R.

  • Thank you for being there!
    Thank you for being there when I needed you.

    - FLU

  • I could not have succeeded without you!
    Thank you so much for taking me on as a client. I could not have succeeded without you! Your confidence, hard work and persistence are so very appreciated. We did it!

    - Jaime L.

  • Your great knowledge and professionalism has brought me comfort and peace of mind.

    Thank you very much for your time to discuss my Palimony case. Your great knowledge, professionalism, experience and empathy of my situation has brought me comfort and peace of mind. 

    - SZ.

  • Thank you all for your work and support.

    I just wanted to say thank you today for everything! I couldn't be more relieved to have you all as the team in my corner and that things are moving forward. Thank you all for your work and support.

    - Michael.

  • You were very calming and helped me get to a place where I would even WANT.
    THANK YOU! I already told Skunk I was soo happy to have you on my side. You were very calming and helped me get to a place where I would even WANT to sign this thing!

    - CN

  • I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything.
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything, especially during these times. Lauren and you have been beyond amazing, and I wanted you to know that.

    - Dr. M.S.

  • I am very grateful for your representation.

    I'd like to express my sincere thanks to you for taking my case. I appreciate your guidance and expertise on how to best handle my case. I know no one else would have been able to help me in the way you have. You are unquestionably the best palimony attorney and I am very grateful for your representation.

    - Former Client

  • You're the only attorney I've ever had...and you were a Rockstar.
    Your role - you're the only attorney I've ever had...and you were a Rockstar dealing with him and opposing counsel with her endless staff!

    - Kim S.

  • Appreciate you!
    Thank you for always fighting for me! Appreciate you!

    - Alana G.

  • Thank you Cary!
    I have always appreciated you.

    - F.L.U.

  • You all are a part of my Spiritual Family.
    Cary Sarah and Lauren-- thank you again for helping me through this process. I have faith and trust that everything worked out and will work out in the most fair and beneficial way for all involved. I am so grateful for all of your wisdom, maturity, experience and care while I struggled with anxiety about my future and amount of control I had or will have in the process. You all are a part of my Spiritual Family.

    - Dawn

  • Particular information and advice you gave her in two of the emails you sent over the weekend gave her the strength, confidence, and courage to want to have her day in court.
    I would like to sincerely thank you for your counsel and support of my daughter throughout today's court proceedings. Particular information and advice you gave her in two of the emails you sent over the weekend gave her the strength, confidence, and courage to want to have her day in court. To enable her to speak truthfully in a court of law, which would allow her voice to be heard without fear or favor. It was extra special that what she had to say was believed. She now looks forward to putting this all behind her and moving forward with her life. Again, I thank you so very much.

    - Former client

  • This law firm saved my life. They are one of the best in Los Angeles.
    This law firm saved my life. They are one of the best in Los Angeles. They know what they're doing. Attorney Cary Goldstein is very experienced and also committed to helping women, so if you're a female, expect to be treated with respect. Cary's female associates, attorneys Lauren and Sarah work with Cary as a team, so you feel safe and protected going through the divorce process. I did my research before I hired him, so I knew that Cary Goldstein is also the top attorney in the country for Palimony cases. Unlike most palimony attorneys, Cary also has years of experience with Palimony cases. I was lucky enough to find Cary Goldstein as my attorney.

    - Kristina

  • Words can't express how awesome you are.
    Thank you for everything. Words can't express how awesome you are.

    - V.R.

  • Cary is an authentic gem in the profession of advocating for family matters!
    Cary is an authentic gem in the profession of advocating for family matters. His forthcoming, realistic yet kind and genuine approach to a complicated matter was a breath of fresh air and hope for me. His unpaid time commitment and pure interest in helping out to the best of his ability with his connections and all was a proof of empathy that is remarkable. He simply cares and the quality of his representation is worth a million.

    - Brenda

    Beverly Hills, CA
  • If you’re looking for a palimony attorney, Cary Goldstein is the best guy in LA.
    If you’re looking for a palimony attorney, Cary Goldstein is the best guy in LA. I spoke with the offices of all the top palimony attorneys in Southern California. Only one, besides Cary, bothered to call me back and she seemed unhinged and over-promising. Cary called me on a Saturday and my first impression of him was fair, level-headed and diligent, and I still think of him that way. Working with Cary was overall a great experience. What I really appreciate is that he’s not a sloppy attorney. He takes great pride in the complaints that he and his team write and wants to get details crisp, and correct. I felt his associates, particularly Lauren Ashley, were outstanding. Every interaction I had with Lauren highlighted her conscientiousness, and as a client, I never felt like they were half-assing my case one iota. Cary excels when he’s prepared and can be plain-spoken, even gruff when caught in the middle of something or interrupted. I found our working relationship improved exponentially when I stopped being the super polite woman, and just told him exactly what I wanted, and how we were going to get it. Although he countered with his own great arguments, we ultimately proceeded according to my wishes, the overall outcome was great for everyone. He gets my highest recommendation.

    - Former Client

  • I count you among the best men I have ever met in my lifetime.
    Cary, I hope you realize that I count you among the best men I have ever met in my lifetime. I am holding the story of you out to all of my family and friends as the man among men who stood and delivered. You are a rock. You are without peer. I am now free and safe with miles to go before I sleep. Bless you. Kind regards, Charlie

    - Charlie

  • Job well done!
    Cary, thank you so much for a job well done! I was thrilled with your responsive, turnkey service and overall excellence. I heartily recommend you to anyone seeking counsel in the field of family law.

    - Diana

    Beverly Hills, CA
  • You're an angel
    Thank you for fighting for me! You're an angel

    - Alana

  • I am very happy with your services.
    Thank you so much Cary. I really appreciate your commitment to getting all of this done. I am very happy with your services. I look forward to one day find a resolution to this with your help.

    - Jennifer

  • Your Faith, Knowledge and Determination Were Something That Solves My Worries.
    Hello, I am grateful to you that you took all the stress and restored everything out for me. Your faith, knowledge, and determination were something that solves my worries. I want to express my gratitude for your efforts and dedication for my case. Regards, Consuela

    - Consuela

  • Much Gratitude & Appreciation for All Your Support
    Cary, In much gratitude & appreciation for all your support.

    - Maria

  • Very Impressed with Your Fine Work
    Dear Cary, Of course, you are THE BEST! We are very, very impressed with your fine work, what else can I say? You saved a lot of money to my mother, you ARE UNIQUE, we wish you continued success in whatever you do. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! My mother Antonie has another card for you. God Bless your heart!

    - A.

  • Thank you with all of my heart for all that you have done and are still doing for me.
    Cary, Thank you with all of my heart for all that you have done and are still doing for me. Sincerely, Paula

    - Paula

  • Most Attorneys Would Have Dismissed Me....
    Dear Cary, I just wanted you to know how very grateful & indebted I am to you. Most attorneys would have dismissed me.... as others did... you know, disabled actress, not much $ to be made of her claim. But your taking my case speaks volumes of your character (and your OBVIOUS prowess as a lawyer... I knew when I met you, that I'd never want to go up against you, you're a BADASS!) But I know that also comes from your convictions not only as a lawyer but as a human being. I know that to an attorney of your stature, a $2500 ( which you only took 1,500 of) isn't much, but to me, it may very well keep a roof over my head until I have my final surgery & hopefully get my social security disability. You are a superb attorney and a great man. Thank you, thank you. I've also enclosed a note for Mary. She was ABSOLUTELY tireless, patient & persistent. Again, thank you and God Bless. Kimberly

    - Kimberly

  • I Can't Thank You Enough for All That You Have Done and Your Infinite Patience in This Matter
    Hi Cary, Now Rose Marie will do absolutely nothing (return the Fiat, provide records, etc.) because she dropped Gumm. She will need additional time now to find another attorney; I suspect that I will not live long enough to see the end of this litigation. She dropped Gumm! I hope that nobody steps on it! Nobody likes to step on Gum! LOL. I can only joke about this now. I can't take it seriously. All kidding aside, I can't thank you enough for all that you have done and your infinite patience in this matter. Have a wonderful weekend! Ed

    - Ed

  • That Was Fast! Everything Went Smoothly
    Thank you, Cary, for being so amazingly efficient. That was fast! Everything went smoothly.

    - Eddie

  • I Felt Like He Really Cared, That I Wasn't Just Another Dollar Sign to Him
    Cary Goldstein is a great attorney. I felt like he really cared, that I wasn't just another dollar sign to him. Even after my case was long over if I had any questions pertaining to other things he always took my calls right away and shared his insights with me out of the kindness of his heart. He's the best!

    - Jennifer

  • I Am Sincerely Grateful to You
    Good afternoon Mr. Cary Goldstein, As requested, I am sending you the final resolution, I followed your advice and requested that the personal property in and out of freight container located at Eagle be addressed in writing. I received a text stating I will not be issued a 1099 from Ed. I did request a $500.00 increase to 300.00 monthly support. The sod lawn and sprinklers work will begin tomorrow. I have 3 clients waiting for me to begin the Mimi's Doggie Playhouse. I am sincerely grateful to you. You called me immediately which blessed me with comfort and courage to make it through a few difficult days. I was blessed to find you online and having a "Super Lawyer" educating and advising me through this very emotionally charged decision has helped me to feel free to move forward with no regrets whatsoever, Thank you. With Sincere Appreciation, Jane

    - Jane

  • I Don't Think That I Would Have Made It This Far Without Your Support.
    Dear Cary and Sarah, I appreciate all of your hard work. Thank you for everything. I don't think that I would have made it this far without your support. Kind Regards, B.

    - B.

  • I Could Never Thank You Enough.
    To Cary, You are truly an "Angel" who walked into my life unexpectedly never knowing how much I would need you in my life now. Thank you for your support and patience. I could never thank you enough. You are god sent. Love, Michelle P.S. Happy New Year!

    - Michelle

  • Thank You So Much for Taking the Time to Meet with Me and Thank You for Following Up.
    Dear Cary, Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me and thank you for following up on the Roberta Angle- Your voicemail was great! I am working on the timeline- A rare and curious form of torture, but understandably necessary. Best Regards, Julie

    - Julie

  • You Are an Outstanding Attorney for Women's Rights and We Are Very Lucky to Have You as an Advocate.
    Thank you, Cary, for your understanding and integrity to my cause. You are an outstanding attorney for women's rights, and we are very lucky to have you as an advocate. I won't waiver from doing the right thing by you, though I'm sorry for my condition at this time and feel like a disappointment. If I can do anything and give a review to extend my gratitude or anything else beyond my commitment that I owe to you, please let me know. Thank you for understanding in so many ways.

    - P.

  • Excellent Professional Legal Representation
    Wanted to thank you both for your assistance with my case. You both provided excellent professional legal representation. I am glad to have this matter finally resolved. I was truly blessed to have met Ben and shared so many wonderful years together- now it is time to let go and move forward. Thank you again and Happy Holidays! L.

    - L.

  • I Will Finally Have Some Justice in My Life
    Dear Sarah and Cary, I am so pleased and impressed with you both. This complaint is a work of art. I especially like how you mention several times Jeff's infidelities with both men and women. I believe that it's fair that the court knows of his heinous conduct, and that he deserves to have it part of his public record. I believe that thanks to the both of you, I will finally have some justice in my life, Whatever happens, you are my heroes. Marcie

    - Marcie

  • You Pulled off What Some Have Called a Miracle and I Am Grateful and Better for Having Known You.
    I am glad you like my choice of wine. Alison remembered you liked Concannon and Rombaur & La Crema are my favorites, and I hoped you liked them too. The last days of the ordeal were challenging, and I wanted to properly thank you for believing in my cause. You pulled off what some have called a miracle, and I am grateful and better for having known you. Thanks for toasting to me. I am doing well and much stronger. Jo-Anne

    - Jo-Anne

  • We Appreciate the Obvious Hard Work and Constant Effort You Are Putting Forth on Our Behalf!
    Cary, We received the papers. Excellent job on your part! You're great at busting their balls! and their great at putting them out in maronic ways for you to do so! Dear Cary, We wanted you to know .... we appreciate the obvious hard work and constant effort you are putting forth on our behalf! Simply said, and I've said it before..... you're a "kick ass" Lawyer! The Best! and as Jason would say, "You Rock"!!! Again thank you. All the Best, J & J

    - J & J

  • Thank You So Much for All You Have Done
    Cary, Thank you so much for all you have done. I would not be where I am today if it were not for you, Love, Erin

    - Erin

  • You Both Have an Eye for Detail, Patience of a Siberian Tiger and a Heart of Gold.
    Good Morning Cary and Sarah, I would like to thank both of you for your aggressive approach on my case. You two took timely action in handling the details of which resulted in my son and I finally reuniting with my family on the East Coast. There are no words that can express how grateful I am to the two of you. You both have an eye for detail, patience of a Siberian tiger and a heart of gold. You guys are an amazing team, and I salute the two of you a job well done. Thank you so much.

    - T.

  • Know You Are Special and Appreciated
    Dear Cary, I want to thank you for taking my case and fighting for me. You did an excellent job under the given circumstances. Know you are special and appreciated. Best, Francesca

    - Francesca

  • I Appreciate All Your Help, as the Best Attorney That We Really Trust.
    Good health, love, and peace for the new year. Again thank you very much for taking my daughter's case and help her with the legal custody of my grandson. If you need any other information regarding this, please let me know. I appreciate all your help, as the best attorney that we really trust."YOU" God bless you and your family and have a wonderful and successful 2013.

    - Sonia

  • You Have Restored Our Faith in the Law!
    Cary, We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to sit with us and answer some of our questions. You have restored our faith in the law! All our best to you!

    - A.J.

  • Your hard work and efforts have taken my life from intolerable to hopeful and joy filled!!
    Dear Cary, Sarah and Jeanne, Congratulations and thank you so much for a job well done!! Your hard work and efforts have taken my life from intolerable to hopeful and joy filled!! I so appreciate all of you and the difference you have made in my life and the lives of those around me!! God Bless you and your work!! Thanks again!! Annie

    - Annie

  • Thank you so much, Cary! You're truly amazing!
    YAY!!!!!!! Thank you so much, Cary! You've made a lot of people happy!! Thanks again! You're truly amazing!

    - Annie

  • Complete Pleasure to Work with Throughout This Whole Process
    Cary, I wanted to thank you for your help. You were right; it was like having a weight of the work lifted off my shoulders. Sarah and Elizabeth were incredibly thoughtful, understanding and a complete pleasure to work with throughout this whole process. Best, Joshua

    - Joshua

  • Your Clients Are Fortunate to Have You as Their Committed, Knowledgeable and Honest Advocate.
    Dear Mr. Goldstein, Wow, what a nice note. Thank you for taking the time to write. I'll remember our work together in family law, especially the date of Separation matter. You taught me a lot as I learned Family law. Hope your practice continues to prosper. Your clients are fortunate to have you as their committed, knowledgeable and honest advocate. Best Wishes

    - Federal Judge

  • You really had my back and without your support plus wisdom I never could have got through this.
    Cary Hello, wanted to thank you so much for all the help regarding the Nelson issue. You really had my back and without your support plus wisdom, I never could have got through this. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and I will call you next week. Thanks again..... Best Regards, Jacklynn

    - Jacklynn

  • This World Needs Good People Like You in the Legal System
    I'm glad for our sake that you are still in business! I hope you get many more letters reminding you of the difference you're making in the lives of others. Hang in there. This world needs good people like you in the legal system to stand up for what is right. Thank you, for making a difference. Annie

    - Annie

  • Thank You So Much
    Cary/Hero, Thank you so much for all of your generosity and help!

    - Kate

  • I'm Very Impressed with Your Excellent Work and Professionalism.
    Dear Mr. Goldstein, I'm very impressed with your excellent work and professionalism. Very truly yours, Antonie Please accept this, for your favorite restaurant, and enjoy it! Thanks a million.

    - Antonie

  • I Feel Better Paying You Because I Know I Would Have Nothing Without You
    Dear Cary, I know you have said that you wouldn't charge me for the Paternity amount if you can get paid from David, but I don't know if that is happening, so I would like to make payments to you if you will take off the monthly interest that would just be appreciated. I feel better paying you because I know I would have nothing without you, he wanted to give me nothing.

    - Angela

  • I Will Always Refer People to You. You're Awesome.
    Dear Cary, You took such a tough time (for me) and with your kindness and sense of humor, helped me through it. I truly appreciate everything you've done including the referral to Ben. I feel very lucky and consider you a friend. I will always refer people to you. You're awesome.

    - Penny