California Supreme Court States Parents May Lose Custody of Troubled Children Despite Any Fault

According to a recent California Supreme Court decision, Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services v. Lisa E., juveniles may be removed from parental custody even if there is no evidence of a failure to supervise, or neglect. This unanimous ruling by the California Supreme Court was based on the following facts. It involved R.T., an incredibly troubled child who refused to attend school. From the age of 14, R.T. would run away from school. She even went as far to falsely accuse her mother of abuse. R.T. went on to become pregnant at the age of 15, and then once more after that.

Because the relationship was so strained and turbulent, her mother Lisa reached out to the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, as well as law enforcement. Consequently, it was arranged for R.T. to live with her grandparents, though this was not a viable solution as she suffered from severe anger issues, lashing out at her grandfather. This resulted in the following ruling: “when a child’s behavior places her at substantial risk of serious physical harm, and a parent is unable to protect or supervise that child, the juvenile court’s assertion of jurisdiction is authorized.”

As a result, this instance led to the ruling that children may be removed from their parent’s care even if the parent does not prove to show any signs of abuse or neglect.

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